Herd Guard

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Herd Guard is your one stop shop for premium, all natural, feed products and pet supplies. Herd Guard's products include mineral blocks for Deer and Elk, Horses, and Livestock along with Pet Sprays, Shampoos, and Detergent that Repel Fleas and Ticks, Fly, and suppress/eliminate odors. You will not find any other products like these on the market that are able to support the overall health of the animal while maintaining the key features of the product. By using Herd Guard you are conscious about protecting your Herd, whatever it may be, and using 100% all natural products that provide results you can see. Fly free horses, smell good dogs with no ticks, or trophy whitetail deer, start using Herd Guard TODAY and see for yourself. 

Deer and Elk


Our Deer and Elk supplements are bar none the best supplements you can feed wild game on your property. Not only will you be able to attract on hold deer on your property but also witness extreme body and antler growth along with healthier looking animals. Natural ingredients in our block de-worm, increase blood flow, and support the animals overall health. If you are ready to see trophy deer on your property then it is time to start using Herd Guard.



Our Equine Supplement is consumed by legends of the horse industry and masters of the trails. From retired Thoroughbreds to Mountain Climbing Mares, this IS the block of choice for a high performing horse. High protein, added amounts of copper, salt, silica, and other minerals provide the only supplement you'll ever need to feed. This supplement also provides a natural solution to worms an balancing stomach PH.






 The Livestock feed formula is much like the Equine but for ruminant animals. Again, This all in one supplement is the only thing you'll need to set out in your pastures or barns.


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 Herd Guard - Pet Supplies

Herd Guard not only protects our herds in the fields, but our animals at home. Herd Guard's Pet Spray, Shampoo, and Detergent consist of all natural hypoallergenic ingredients that suppress/eliminate odors, and repel fleas, ticks, fly, and bed bugs. No other company out there combines all natural ingredients the way we do at Herd Guard and has the ability to offer the same features and benefits of using our products.

 Pet Spray

 This spray consist of trace minerals and de-ionized water creating an all natural, scent free, odor suppressing/eliminating spray that also repels fleas and ticks. Control the most obnoxious odors and protect your pet using ingredients that come straight from our Earth.

Pet Shampoo

Our Pet Shampoo integrates the same formula as our spray except we have added integrated it into an all natural, scent free, concentrated base shampoo consisting of Saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive and Jajoba, Aloe Vera, and Rosemary Extract. This shampoo leaves your pet scent and odor free with a show ready coat and flea/tick free!


Pet Detergent

 This hospital grade detergent with our added formula ELIMINATES the toughest smelling odors from pet bedding and other cloth items around the home. If that's not enough, this detergent will also kill and remove bed buds and other parasites.