All Four One Feeder

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Our Agriculture and Wildlife background was utilized in the design of the new All Four One Feeder. All Four One Feeder has a  unique design that allows the owner to easily install it on any common HEAVY DUTY steel T-post. The All Four One Feeder is designed out of durable plastic which is FDA approved and does not contain any BPA.
  • Three Easy Installation Steps
  • WIll hold up to 50lbs of Feed without the inside Cone, 40 lbs of Feed with the Inside Cone attached
  • Extremely Durable
  • Sturdy Placement
  • Is designed to keep the Raccoons and Possums out of your Feeder.
  • Simple Installation
  • Has an optional Inside Cone that can be utilized for a Liquid or Mineral Salt, up to 1/2 gallon of Liquid or 5 lbs of Secondary Nutrition Source.
  • Comes pre-drilled with drain holes to minimize moisture retention.
  • Has the option to vary feeds within one unit by installing the inside Cone (Corn and Beets), Corn and Apples), etc.
  • Effective for Deer, Goats, Sheep, Calves, Horses, Alpaca and Elk.
  • Can be easily relocated, should the need arise to move it.
  • Made in the USA

Note:  Certain states regulate the use of feeding and baiting game animals for the purposes of hunting.  If you are purchasing this feeder for game animals, you are responsible for understanding your state’s laws.  You can view our quick reference guide to state laws here.


My brothers, friends, and I are enthusiasts whether it is working with our Livestock together or setting up feed sites to capture Deer activity. Over many trials of different products on the market, we set out to build one up from the ground with input from numerous groups and individuals. This project started out in late 2013 and after numerous trials, we launched the first “All Four One Feeder” in March of 2016.   I want to share with you the process we went through and the specific criteria we wanted to address within the market today with a lot of the feeders available. Our goal was to ensure we bought a better product to the market and one that we would be proud to put our name and resources behind.

The following deficits were identified which exist today with many feeders in the market place and how we addressed them with the “All Four One (AFO)” Feeder

  • Challenging to set up – We designed the AFO Feeder that is simple 3-step process.Step 1– Drive a Heavy Duty Steel Fence Post into the ground based on the animal you are using it with. Step 2– Set the AFO Feeder on the Heavy Duty steel fence post inserting it within the designed insert and tighten the four thumbscrews with a plier. Step 3- Fill it with up to 50 lbs of your desired feed.
  • Difficult to remove or relocate- We designed the AFO Feeder that allows the user to simply install it above, and should you desire to relocate the AFO Feeder, all you have to do to either remove the AFO Feeder from the Heavy Duty steel post and remove the Heavy Duty steel post from the ground or add another Heavy Duty steel post to another location.
  • Lack durability- should stand up to several seasons- We designed the AFO Feeder with Roto Modeling that will stand up to all seasons and retain it’s effectiveness ensuring you will get a extremely durable product.
  • Ensuring your feed (deer) was going to the right animal (not Raccoons or Opossums). The unique design on the AFO Feeder has had numerous designs that were field-tested several months to ensure that we minimize Raccoons or Opossums accessing the feed with the concave features and minimal grip for these critters to access. You will need to ensure that the AFO Feeder is placed beyond 7 feet from a tree or other launching pad for those aggressive Raccoons or Opossums
  • Lacking the ability to have two separate feed sources that you can separate. The AFO Feeder is designed for you to use in situations which you may want to put corn in feeder and to use a secondary source such as mineral salt, apples, acorns, soybeans, etc.   This allows you to maximize your money spent to use a less expensive feed such as shell or cracked corn while still allowing you to add a separate food source or attractant to pull the Deer to your AFO Feeder.
  • No ability to have a liquid and a dry feed source within one system. The AFO Feeder has an accessory cone that allows you to put a liquid food source, which will separate it from the Dry Feed in the AFO Feeder.
  • Challenging to transport with your ATV or Backpack. The AFO Feeder is easily transported on your backpack or since the AFO Feeder is stackable, you can put several AFO Feeders on an ATV.
  • Made from questionable material. The AFO Feeder is made out of FDA Plastic, which does not contain any BPA. We wanted to ensure that our animals using the AFO Feeder were not being exposed to any unnecessary chemicals leeching from material.
  • Challenging in retaining moisture. Used outdoors, the AFO Feeder has weep holes that allow water to move through the feed. Should you live in above average rain area, we designed the AFO Feeder to be modified to add more weep holes that will allow even more moisture to dissipate per the instructions.
  • Lacking ability to use it with a variety of animals (Deer, Horse, Goat, Alpaca, etc.)The AFO Feeder was designed to be used with a variety of Animals and with the accessories will make it effective in all situations.
  • Moving parts that require a power source. The AFO Feeder has no moving parts once it is installed which minimizes the any downtime in it doing what you want it to do.
  • Lack accessories that will make it more effective for your specific use. The AFO Feeder has accessories that will allow you to gain the most use out of your AFO Feeder whether you are using it for Deer, Horses, Goats, or Alpacas.
  • Not made in the USA. The AFO Feeder is made in the USA and is a Veteran Owned Company.

We hope you enjoy your “All Four One Feeder”!