Moles: A persistent pest

Moles are insatiable creatures that will stop at nothing to feed their hunger.

Even when a mole infestation is brought under control, the solution might only be a temporary one.

When moles return

Non-lethal forms of mole control often lead to moles coming back.

Rather than trapping, some homeowners choose to use repellents, barriers or other methods to drive moles away.

These methods often succeed in driving the moles into the neighbors’ yard instead of eliminating them for good.

Mole migration

Most experts feel that an acre of land can support two moles, or three at the absolute most.

But some residential lawns are bordered by wooded areas or open fields. These are the yards at greatest risk of re-infestation.

That’s because forests and fields can support a greater number of moles, which may migrate into new territory.

Return of the moles

Moles that aren’t trapped often return months and even years later.

This frequently occurs when homeowners attempt to eliminate moles through chemical means, such as anti-grub sprays. But killing grubs doesn’t necessarily keep the moles out, since moles also eat earthworms and other creatures. When left alive, moles tend to come back whenever the grubs come back.

Repellents such as castor oil do little more than displace moles temporarily, while products such as noise generators have not been show to produce consistent results.

Trapping: The once-and-for-all mole solution

Trapping is the only way to remove a mole permanently.

A number of traps are available on the market, including harpoon or spear traps, loop or choker traps and hole or tunnel traps.

But by far the most effective is the jaws-scissors trap. These devices include a trigger plate that is set off by upward pressure as a mole digs out a tunnel.

This pressure activates the scissors mechanism, ensuring that the mole won’t be digging any more.

The Easy Mole Trap is perhaps the easiest and most effective jaws-scissors trap available today. Its rugged durability means it will last through multiple uses and the Easy Mole Trap is deployed underground, meaning it is safe for pets and children.

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