Moles: A destructive carnivore

Moles damage yards, raising ridges across the grass and depositing mounds of loose soil.

But these effects are incidental to the mole’s true objective: food. 

The mole diet

Moles are not rodents, but a class of mammal known as “insectivore.”

Moles feed primarily on grubs, earthworms and beetles. They have also been known to consume ants, larvae and other insects.

Moles find food by burrowing through moist soil using their paddle-shaped front legs.

Eating their weight in critters

Moles can eat their weight in these creatures every day.

Moles are considered the “fastest eating mammal in the world, according to the BBC. They can identify something as edible and consume it in as little as 120 milliseconds.

Moles possess characteristics that make them ideally suited for living underground. For example, moles can breathe underground. They can breathe carbon dioxide thanks to a special hemoglobin protein.

Mole runways

Moles are capable of digging up to 80 feet of runway during that time. And they take a multi-level approach to their infrastructure. Surface runways, as the name suggests, are closer to the surface; these are the tunnels that cause so much lawn damage.

But moles also use deep runways 3 to 12 inches below the surface that burrow into more moist soil. During the dry months of the summer and winter, moles retreat into these deeper recesses.

After rains, they’re more likely to be found close to the surface.

Anti-grub treatments

Moles can be beneficial for lawns by aerating the soil naturally. But many homeowners believe the harm caused by moles outweighs the benefits.

One strategy for eliminating moles is to eliminate the grubs. By applying an anti-grub insecticide, they believe, they can starve out the moles.

More likely, however, moles will focus their attention on earthworms and other food sources. And the application of heavy pesticides can pose a health risk to humans and other animals, including pets.

In addition, grub control doesn’t target moles directly. That means that moles might leave the yard for a short time only to return in search of food or a mate.

Getting Rid of Moles

Trapping is the most effective means for eliminating moles. A number of traps are available on the market, but none works better than the Easy Mole Trap.

With its electroplated frame and stainless steel springs, the Easy Mole Trap has the durability to stand up to repeated use. It’s simple scissors-jaw design snuffs out moles in one fell swoop.

Simply set the trap along an active runway and wait. In no time, the Easy Mole Trap will snag its prey and your lawn will be good as new again.

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