How moles destroy plants

Americans take great pride in the appearance of their homes, inside and out.

But moles destroy the lawns, gardens and flowers that homeowners work so hard for.

Moles tunnel through soil, leaving ugly piles of dirt and uneven ridges throughout the grass. But their presence also jeopardizes the health of desirable plants in your yard.

Moles are insectivores

Many people mistakenly believe that moles are rodents, but they actually belong to a class of mammals called insectivores. That’s because moles eat beetle grubs and earthworms.

And while they don’t attack plants directly, mole behavior is a threat to many of your most cherished plants.

Mole tunnels can travel through root systems, depriving plants of needed moisture and nutrients. Their burrows can also cause plants to lean to one side or the other.

Mole runs: Gateway for other pests

But the greater danger to plant life is the tunnels moles leave behind.

Mole burrows or runways make plants vulnerable to attack by providing access to other, more dangerous pests.

Voles, house mice and white-footed mice gain access to plants using these underground passageways. Once inside, they feed on grass stems, roots and even bulbs and tubers.

Moles ruin flowers and vegetables

Moles that tunnel into and under vegetable plots and flower gardens can endanger the whole system.

Once the infrastructure is built, it’s open season for any critter with a taste for plants. Many gardeners and even professional nurseries have erected underground barriers to keep moles from tunneling in.

But the best defense against plant destruction is to remove moles entirely.

Mole traps protect plants

The best way to remove moles is by trapping.

And while a number of trap designs are available to consumers, the jaws-scissors style Easy Mole Trap is quite possibly the best around. Its electroplated frame and stainless steel springs allow the Easy Mole Trap allow stand up to the elements during repeated uses.

It can be set up in just minutes and will stop moles in their tracks — before they can do any more damage to your prized plants.

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